Shuswap Lake Photos

Mud Puddle Memoir

Spring and fall puddle season, is host to many of the Shuswap forest inhabitants. Puddles have been walked around, run through, simply overlooked or totally enjoyed during a refreshing morning break. Welcome to a Shuswap mud puddle, I’ll show you around.

Shuswap Mud Puddle

Luto conlectus

The thoughts and habits of the animals, adapt to the changing weather of autumn. The autumn rain returns bringing a truly wild treasure to the Shuswap forest. And everyone is excited with the anticipation of the newly created fall mud puddles. Word travels fast throughout the forest. Luto conlectus, luto conlectus, mud puddle, mud puddle! Everybody understands, there may only be a few days, hurry while it lasts!

Shuswap Snowshoe Hare

Not Just Any Shuswap Mud Puddle

If you were thinking that a mud puddle in the forest is a lonely place, don’t worry, it really isn’t. The puddle is a great place to hang out, and see who’s who and who’s here. Have a drink or climb on in and enjoy this relaxing cool fresh Shuswap puddle. Don’t pass it by.

Shuswap White-tailed Deer

Shuswap Meeting Place

Whether you observe from a far, fly in, fly by or partake in the cool water activities, a mud puddle is certainly a welcoming place. Friends, birds, deer, moose and those of us puddle watchers, always enjoy the Shuswap mud puddles! An inviting one of a kind meeting place.

Shuswap Ruffed Grouse

Come and visit

Come and visit, there’s room for everyone. Please don’t step on the frog, he likes to hang out in the shallow end.

Shuswap Animals

Shuswap Moose

Day or night, once you’ve been in a Shuswap mud puddle there’s no turning back. The Shuswap has a lot to offer! Stop in and have a look!

Shuswap Moose

Shuswap Snow

Tomorrow may be a different day, life changes, make it the best day you can. There is lots more to see! Good bye for now from the home of the Shuswap mud puddle!

Winter Puddle

Shuswap Lake Photos

Shuswap Autumn soon will be white washed from memory, the colors faded and dissolved into the background of winter’s call. The leaves fall, the temperature falls, and we succumb to another season. Tell them to prepare for their first winter. Life will change shortly, maybe even today. There’s a storm coming to the forest, a Shuswap storm!

Frolicking Fawns

White-tailed Deer Twins

The grey sky comes, the clouds tell me to run. What hides in the grey, we know the clouds conceal, the truth of above. Some questions, should not ask, the answers we’ve seen but do not remember. The crack in the dimensions weeps with intrigue, is it just a reflection? No it is not. The levitation feels real because it is. Everything is real. The forest knows.

Fall Fawns

Fall White-tailed Deer Family

I can not add to the mystery but only expose what I know to be real, you decide. What do you want to know? The wind howls, it moves faster toward us. Do we want to know? No, but yes, we can not hide, our nature is to know. Our desire is to understand, our quest is to remember. Remember back a hundred generations, a thousand. The sound of the lights that awakes you, the senses coming down wind. Do you remember now, 110 Hz? Do not be afraid. The forest will hold you tight.

There is something else in the Shuswap forest the animals have seen. The fireflies, always a favorite here, but there is something else in the forest this year. An anomaly, a creature yet to be photographed clearly, except on my game camera several times now. The deer have seen it. Some call it Prototerygote, Flying Rods or Skyfish, I call it strange. I need to know more.

Prototerygote – Flying Rods – Skyfish

Flying Rod or Skyfish
It was our past and will be our future. The color grey, the sound of grey. The feel as it passes over. You are not alone. You are within the storm, your family, relatives and the all beings, are with the storm. Do you remember now? We all traveled together to arrive here, the beautiful blue planet. Grey to blue, I love the wind, the storm is here. The creatures of the forest have seen, but can not tell us in their own words. But we can see it in their eyes and their ears. Something else to be explained in the Shuswap.

Shuswap Lake 2015

Shuswap Lake 2015

Welcome to the Shuswap Lake in southern British Columbia, way over here in Western Canada! The bright yellow sunshine & bold blue-grays of the Shuswap Lake convinced us to stay. As calm as the lake usually appears, it can change so fast. Read the sky, hear the clouds, the wind is coming soon to the Shuswap Lake. Hold on tight to the Shuswap dreams, the dreams of your lifestyle on the lake.

Shuswap Lake in southern British Columbia

Shuswap Waves

I heard the wind approaching, I never knew the words it whispered would make me remember the times and faces from so very long ago. I only closed my eyes for a minute and yet a year passed by, and a new one came to follow with no exception. Will it lead to the Shuswap? Will it tell you the answers you long for? But you already know, the answer is Shuswap. I just can’t be anywhere else forever. The boundaries of the Shuswap, the lake, mountains, clouds and lifestyle. Just say “Shuswap”,  face your dreams, drawn by the clouds of imagination in the Shuswap. The wind will take them farther, isn’t that why you are here? The lake, the mountains, the people, the dreams of the Shuswap Lifestyle ……

Face of the Shuswap Cloud

Face of the Shuswap Cloud

Immersed in the cool depths of pure clean water, or solid footing on pebble beaches with sunshine high over head, this is the Shuswap. This is the lifestyle of the lake people with shadows of the wind, swirling and gusting through the hot summer air. Another fancy day in the Shuswap, windy Shuswap. Listen and feel the emotion of the clouds, the sunshine beaming down and the shadows of life, for the people that enjoy the outdoors here.

Windy Shuswap

Windy Shuswap Shawdow
Don’t struggle in stormy skies, reach out to life, and make the sunny days on the lake your best, the windy ones, your favorite. The clouds, the wind, the rain and oh yes, the sunshine. If I could paint you a picture it would have the clouds, the wind, rain and lots of sunshine. My shadow, a summer reflection of  life on the beach could be there too. I would call it “Windy Shuswap”. What a wonderful place to be, no matter what generation you’re in. Share that lifestyle; 50 years ago, it was not the same. But it is still the same, in some outdoorsy sort of way. Take the family for holidays to your favorite campsite on the lake. Be Shuswap, be outdoors!

Travel Trailer Shuswap

Travel Trailer Shuswap
Camping and boating is still in our heart, no matter where you live. The wind and waves will demand respect. There is much to be said and much to be aware of in the water, as on land. There is something special about spending time in your boat on the Shuswap. At the end of the day, returning to the campsite brings about a sense of relaxation and restfulness.

Campfire Crackles

Evening in the Shuswap
As the evening stars overhead, and the campfire crackles, casting heat over us, it sets our imaginations  free. Reminding us, how primitive to have lived among the cave bear. However, your stories still read with high emotion in Chauvet, and in the Shuswap too. How can that be? The rock, we know that. It tells the stories we must remember. A connection has been made, to the rocks and mountains, lake and the beaches.

Shuswap Boats

Shuswap Lake BC

There is nothing like the Shuswap Lake. Creativity and some even say, sentimentality, are found here. Crazy new world out there, plug in and be there. How wonderful to escape the city, launch the boat and “Be Shuswap”, even just for a week or two.

House Boating Shuswap BC

House Boating Shuswap BC
Pass the houseboats out of Sicamous and follow the lake to your summer vacation. Swimming is a bit slower but you will get there by sheer determination and willpower. It is amazing the strength you will find within and out of the water. Within yourself and others, within life. Your strengths will carry you through the clouds, the wind, rain and take you through to the sunshine from high above.

Boating Shuswap BC

Yellow Shuswap Boat
Let Copper Island guide you into Blind Bay. We will wait for you to arrive by boat, slow down or you will miss the turn off into the bay. We’ll be waiting for you on the beach in the bay. The boats have changed since this picture. Everything has changed since this picture was taken.  But it already has been 48 years.  And the lake remains constant. But for how much longer?

Blind Bay BC 1967

By Boat in the Shuswap
Summer is coming to a close, and the lake activity has slowed down, the rain has come and chased summer aside. The wind will ease and the days will continue into an autumn umber. Think of us when you see the clouds, the wind and the rain.

Copper Island & Blind Bay BC 2015

Copper Island & Blind Bay BC
I will wait once again for you to return next summer. Think Shuswap in the summer, and the winter. A place that you will want to return to over and over again.

Shuswap Lake 2015

Shuswap Lake 2015
Windy Shuswap, sunny and rainy. Summer boating season ends, and my shadow will adapt for the coming fall winds. Will you be on the lake next year? Time will tell and the clouds will oversee. Perhaps the bright yellow sunshine & bold blue-grays of the Shuswap Lake may not convince you to stay, but it will certainly give you a good reason to return.

Summer Reflection

Windy Shuswap
Another time, another season, another reason to return to the Shuswap! Good Bye from the Shuswap.

Getting ready for summer in the Shuswap? If you’re looking for that perfect place to take the family for a holiday, you may just find your place right here in the Shuswap Lake area of southern British Columbia, Canada. We are looking forward to seeing you this year, the big lake and Copper Island awaits your arrival. Time to trade the white cold winter landscape in for the blue and beautiful summer scenes of the southern interior clean clear lake. You will be surprised what you can see on the Shuswap Lake. Don’t forget your life jackets and all your common sense. See you this summer!

 Copper Island

Copper Island

Maybe you will just stay in the Shuswap!

By the time you get your plans made, packed up the family in the old car and get here, it will be summer in the Shuswap! Whether it is your first time here, or repeat visit, we know it won’t be your last. Maybe you will just stay in the Shuswap! Just being outside, away from the city, a place to clear your thoughts and regroup yourself? Come to the Shuswap and enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Ready for outdoor recreation and life on and around the big lake?
Shuswap Car

Pontoon Boats of the Shuswap Lake

There are four arms of the H shaped Shuswap Lake for you to discover and explore. Most boaters come here for the water sports and of course for the Shuswap scenery. The biggest addition to the boats on the Shuswap Lake over the years, would have to be the arrival of the pontoon boats. Great for day cruises with family and friends. A time to relax and check out the lake and the local communities along the shore line. Keep well out from the shore line, and watch out for swimmers, Thanks very much for keeping our visitors and residents safe.
Shuswap Pontoon Boats

Picnic on the Beach

There are more ways to travel the Shuswap Lake than just by boat. Enjoy the view of the lake from the south shore or north shore with Copper Island in the background. Or enjoy a picnic on the beach. Talk about old times and new times and changes coming to the Shuswap Lake. There is a lot ahead of you, so spend your time wisely now. At the end of the day, you may wonder why you didn’t come to the Shuswap sooner. There’s nothing like a good holiday vacation in the Shuswap watching the boats go by. Watching the sunset or just listening to the waves, the breeze, the lifestyle. Take the family now while you can, the days and years pass by. The old generations move over to make way for the new.
Shuswap Beach

Times and People Change

Old fashioned picnics around the lake are never out of style, even 55 years later. Times and people change, all those clothes are coming back into style again. There will be old memories and photos and new digital images of unheard and never seen before megabytes. The lifestyle will keep you here. The Shuswap remains constant and a safe place to be for the family. The outdoors will beckon you to the life you crave, away from the cities, away from the crowds, and back to the Shuswap for next years holidays. The simple ways are being lost. When was the last time you were able to sit outside, and just visit?

Shuswap Family Picnic

Power of Wind and Water

This is my favorite way to see the lake and the awesome Shuswap scenery. Good view, lots of room and speed when you need it to outrun the summer storms. Storms on the Shuswap Lake?  No matter what type of boat you have, the weather can change fast, and summer storms may take you by surprise. Make sure to watch the Shuswap sky and head for shore or a protected bay if you see a storm coming. Never under-estimate the power of the wind and water. When the waves come over the bow and roof of the boat, I’d call that a Shuswap storm! Head into the storm if you must, just like any other peril. Confront the issue now, it will not go away until you do. Dilemma now,  dissolved in choice, resolved by action. Feel the power of the wind, aer as known by Empedocles, controller of storms, and originator of the four elements, and one more. Terra, aqua, aer,  ignis. Yes, aqua, we are here for the water, please respect the lake, terra, aer, ignis…….
Boating Shuswap

Animals Swim Shuswap Lake

It is not just boats that you will find in Shuswap Lake. On occasion you may encounter animals swimming in the lake or along the shoreline. We have seen bear, mink, raccoons, muskrats and otters. Others have seen Grizzly bear at the north end. Animals that have been known to swim across the lake are moose and deer especially. They are excellent swimmers and very fast, always keep watch while boating, you never know what you will find in the water. It may be difficult to distinguish what is in the water, so be aware out there. Some people enjoy swimming in the middle of lake too. Always make sure someone is in the boat as you and the boat will drift with the currents. The dangers and precautions are there, be safe, be smart. Enjoy your holidays and make way for smaller slower boats, animals and swimmers. Your decision can make all the difference. But as far as swimming at the beaches, there is nothing scary.
Shuswap Moose

Make Way not Wake

These boats are moored on the way into Salmon Arm at the local campgrounds. You could always bring a nice quiet canoe or kayak with you. Might make navigation more pleasant while you are on the Shuswap Lake. This is what the Shuswap is about. Blue sky, blue mountains, blue water, blue boat. Just the way we like it here! Close to everywhere you need to be in the Summer time. You just have to decide what part of the lake you want to spend your holidays on this year.
Salmon Arm BC

Glamping in the Shuswap

We can’t help it, this is the way we love to spend our summers in the Shuswap. Maybe you want the Salmon Arm side? Sandy beach, camaraderie and fellow camping families, all the interest is in the vacation. Getting that travel trailer out of storage, filled up with food and gear and ready for the lake. Travel trailers have changed over the years. So much luxury, are you sure you are still camping? Actually it is now called Glamping, who would have known about such a thing. But you are still out in nature and that’s what you want. A place to see the stars, constellations and the campfires along the beach. The Canadian Way, the way of the Shuswap lifestyle. Only here once a year? Too bad, winter is pretty good to.
Sandy Point

Yesterday in the Shuswap

We came here almost 50 years ago and never left. Thought we were still on a holiday camping around the Shuswap Lake. Seems like only yesterday. But some things in life have changed and they can never go back to the way they were. Many things in life seem to do that. So every day should bring out the best in you and smiles of kindness should be passed on to the next. Always follow your dreams, maybe they will lead to the Shuswap.
Camping in 1963

Heads Up

Where ever you end up, think of the Shuswap, the people the lifestyle, all the quests and adventures brought on by the outdoor life in BC. Always keep your head up and look to the future. Environmental awareness is an ongoing concern, and not just for the Shuswap.
Shuswap Planes

Camping in 2014

I seem to be years behind in all the fancy equipment on the Shuswap. But what I do know is, we enjoyed the years spent boating and camping on the lake. A time with the family that can never be replaced. Memories to be shared over the years, will you remember the Shuswap? We wish you were in the Shuswap now, we would hug you and tell you we care. We will always care.
Camping 2014

Define the Shuswap

If I could define myself and life on the Shuswap Lake, it would be something like this. Free outdoor spirit, enjoying the water, the sun, the family and friends, the Shuswap lifestyle. How could you be anywhere else other than cruising down the Shuswap Lake? Simple and carefree life on a Shuswap houseboat. Work has been left behind, the holiday mood kicks in and you can finally relax. The captain is in charge, and the lake is yours. Be free, be wise, and live the life here. The day is yours, the barbecue is warming up, and the hot tub will be ready later. I think this is what you might refer to as Glamping. How can it get any better in the Shuswap? Please be environmentally aware, no matter how you navigate through the Shuswap. Keeping it this way depends on you!
Shuswap Houseboat

Always something interesting in the Shuswap

If you are in Blind Bay BC this May 17 and 18th 2014 for the long weekend, please stop in and see the JC Studio Art Solo Art Exhibition 2014 by Janice Cleland. A local Canadian Plein Air Artist showing and selling original landscape, still life and life drawing paintings reflecting life in the Shuswap in acrylic, oil and pastels. Good Luck with your art show Janice!

JC Studio Art
Self Portrait by Janice Cleland

JC Studio Art Show – May 17-18th 2014 at Reedman Gallery – 2510 Blind Bay Road in Blind Bay BC.

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This link will show you a map for location of the Reedman Gallery located in the lower level of Blind Bay Hall in Blind Bay BC.
Reedman Gallery-Lower Level Blind Bay Hall

I am heading to the JC Studio Art Solo Art Exhibition in Blind Bay BC May 17 – 18th 2014. Hope to see you there this May Long Weekend in the Shuswap!
Dawn Kellie in the Shuswap

Enjoy the Shuswap this summer. Lots to do while you are in the area!

  • Even more Art Shows – Music Festivals – Wineries/Vineyards
  • Golf Courses/Driving Ranges – Marinas/Houseboat Rentals
  • Kids Summer Camps – BC Provincial Parks<
  • Wildlife/Heritage/Fun Parks – Hiking Trails
  • Best Beaches on the Beautiful Shuswap Lake
  • And some of the most friendliest people in southern BC!

Shuswap Lake
Until next time, Goodbye for now!

© Copyright Dawn Kellie 2007. All rights reserved.

Shuswap Silvern Sheen

The Shuswap sunshine illuminates the ultra marine colored mountains with hues of indigo blue and silvern sheen. Even though across the big lake and distant to me, they seem to shine just outside my front door. Visions of long-awaited blue sky have slowly appeared in the cumulus breaks. It is the newly arrived cold winds that cause the clouds to give way. A clear day of the fourth season is on the horizon in the Shuswap. The snow remains, the cold remains and I’m still here in the Shuswap, shoveling snow, again. And again. How kind of you to visit today.

Silvern Sheen in the Shuswap

There is a calling upon the vernal green of the coming equinox. And once again in our history, day and night shall become equal. yet my life is no longer equal and I remain in winter. Just one more day, one more month, perhaps a year in the silvern sheen. Hurry to put the words to paper, vade mecum, ultra Thule, ultra mundane, while the winter continues, the words shall continue.

Winter Wilderness Haven in the Shuswap

The Shuswap winter changes the road, the forest encloses around us. The snow beckons of a sharp crispness and glistening crystals, another name sake dear to my heart. A formidable day of toque and mitten. Follow the road into a winter wilderness haven in the Shuswap.

Winter Road Home

Little Forest Cabin in the Shuswap

The little forest cabin holds many memories of the boreal seasons past. The concentration of winters grip holds strong and steady in the Shuswap Highland Peninsula setting. We have adapted, but can we hold out until the thaw. Will that time come soon enough in the winter forest of the Shuswap?

Winter Cabin

Shuswap Bull Moose

Even in the winter stillness, life silently moves through the Shuswap Highland Forest. Large strides through the snow, lead to a quiet resting place. He waits for the sunshine and the shadows to cast around him. The Shuswap Bull Moose has an ominous stature, his snow-covered shape and  quiet beauty is all Shuswap.

Shuswap Bull Moose Winter

Beyond the Shuswap

Some strides frozen in time, but the imagination leads to where it chooses. Beyond the Shuswap, beyond us, but back again, to a wintry day and a tall presence in the boreal forest. He waits for me with a silvern sheen. One I can not refuse, but one I am not ready for. Perhaps just one more year, please.

Shuswap Dinosaur Winter

Mutated Ululate from Forest Voices

Winter daylight opportunities, not to be wasted. Forging farther for open ground will not be easy. Mutated ululate from forest voices draw my attention across the frozen mountain lake. I understand what you want, but not what you say. And yet my inner voice does the same. A call to find my purpose. A call to say the time is now. A call to you for reassurance and encouragement that I’ve never had before. I can finally see the silvern sheen and blue sky beyond. Thanks to you.

Shuswap Winter Coyote

Gregarious Outings

Small ventures around the wintry yard prove to be fruitful and fulfilling. Tiny seeds carefully planted eventually grow into gregarious outings and lasting friendships. Dark shadows in the boreal forest brighten with bursts of color when the hand and eye create. The skill takes lead, and the imagination directs, art flourishes, encouraging the silvern sheen of the spirit in the Shuswap life.

Shuswap Winter Ruffed Grouse

Shuswap Highland Peninsula Forest

As we wait for the Shuswap thaw, there’s always winter activities with friends and family to get us through the winter. Summer brings even more opportunity for outdoor recreation. The lakes, the mountains and just being in the Shuswap. That’s why we are here, that’s why we stay in the Shuswap Highland Peninsula Forest.
In the Shuswap

Forest Studio in the Shuswap

And yet the Shuswap Highland Peninsula holds another secluded treasure to share. A forest studio also bursting with color and energy of the surrounding Shuswap landscape, people and still life images. Here the hand and eye have created another silvern sheen from the heart of a local Shuswap Plein Air Artist. Visit the forest studio of JC Studio Art Online Gallery for artistic talent and dedication from paint to palette in the Shuswap!
JC Studio Art in the Shuswap If you are in the Shuswap area May 17th – 18th 2014, please be sure to stop in at JC Studio Art solo art exhibition at Reedman Gallery in Blind Bay BC.

Until next time, back to shoveling snow and thinking about spring in the Shuswap! Thanks for the visit!

Shuswap Fall Forest

Hello from the Shuswap Fall Forest,

The Shuswap Fall advances upon us, there is much to get ready before the impending winter over takes life in the forest. Snow has already fallen high in the mountains above the Shuswap Lake. The count has begun. The scenery is changing, the summer has changed, life will change in the Shuswap.

Shuswap Lake

The high mountain marsh has also changed to inviting colors of fall. The residents prepare for the coming season of cold and snow. But in Canada, that’s as good as summer!

Fall Marsh in the Shuswap

I am still here in the Shuswap fall forest, very glad you came back to visit my forest home bordering the marsh of orange, yellows, camouflage and creatures.

Lepus americanus

Times of contemplation must be set aside, there is more time for that on the Shuswap horizon my friend. But not as much as we thought. No time to waste, start the preparations soon. Oh my friend it is good to see you. I’ve been thinking of you, so far away. Some times the forest can be lonely.

Lepus americanus

Put your fears aside and move forward, forward through the forest of life. I will help you with what I am able. Take hold of your confidence, and never loose it, to any outsider, whom may lead you astray. Be strong yourself. You can do it, as once before, when you needed to be strong. I believe in you and your dreams, you should too. They can make you strong.


Your eyes hold the dreams of success and accomplishment. There is much more for you to do yet. A forest of life to be explored. A bond of nature, an environment to be saved. We need you.

Shuswap Moose Eyes

Your friends are there to guide you through the murky waters, don’t give up. There is so much more for you to share and behold in the forest, sky, and beyond.

Fall Fishing in the Shuswap

Gather up the Shuswap family. Explore the forest, Look up, down and over there.

Mule Deer in the Shuswap

There is much to see in the forest, climb a tree and have  a good look around. If only the stories they hold could be told. What have they seen over the years. The animals, the people, the old world ways, we seem to have forgot.

Shuswap Cedar Tree

If one tree can tell us so much, how much can we learn from the forest? Please protect the environment, there is too much information, life and knowledge to loose forever.

Totem Pole

Take a drive into the forest, please don’t leave anything behind, except your thoughts.

Cedar Tree Forest Road

What does the forest mean to you? I know what it means to me, and who it is home to. Come and visit the Canadian forest. We welcome you.

Forest Road

Thank you for your comments, the forest counts on you! Until next time!

Hello, Thanks for checking in. This Port Radium page has never seen before black and white pictures.  These are  images of the construction for the first modern Acid Leaching Plant in North America at the Eldorado Mine. There are never seen before black and white pictures of the Eldorado Mine Mill fire of 1951. I would like to share these images before they fade away as the town site of Port Radium has. The last photograph is the tailings piles from the Eldorado Uranium Mine. As far as you see in this photo there are piles and piles.

Port Radium NWT 1950 – 1952

In the land of the Midnight Sun

From my evening viewpoint, a great bear Ursa Major, draws my attention upwards. The Alpha star Dubhe and companion pointer Merak, point to the North Star, in the direction of another Great Bear and where a lovely small rock, once came from. Interesting how this little rock now sitting on my kitchen table in the Shuswap, can provoke so many thoughts. As the morning sun shines on the rock, golden specks sparkle and shine on its surface. At one time the rock lay on the earths surface and faced the midnight sun in Port Radium NWT, until 1963.

Port Radium Rock

Port Radium Rock

The rock has always been synonymous with a collection of old black and white photographs of Port Radium and the Mill fire at the Eldorado Mine in 1951. As these photographs age, they fade away into the paper they were printed on 62 years ago. Faded from sight as the old buildings at Port Radium, but never to fade from the history of the north, nor the world.

This rock was not the quest of the day, but a silent witness of the uranium mining activities and the Acid Leaching Plant construction at the Eldorado Mine. A huge history for such a remote place and time at Port Radium NWT circa 1951.

CF-DOT Pilot going to Port Radium NWT 1950

Everybody, and everything including buildings, arrived either by freight barge, aircraft, cat train, dog sled or the Winter Ice Road, which began at Fort Byers. The Mackenzie River was crossed over via an ice bridge. The Ice Road with overland portages between a chain of 19 frozen lakes, is constructed every year. It is average of 325 miles long, and goes north to The Great Bear Lake and Port Radium.


Notes on the photo say: J Irwin, CF-DOT. It is not known if they are part of the 919th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, USAF, from Beaverlodge Alberta. Part of the Pinetree Radar Line at Saskatoon Mountain Air Station perhaps?

Port Radium NWT, 1950 – 1951

At Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories, circa 1951 on the north-eastern shore, in a small inlet of Echo Bay at LaBine Point, existed Port Radium and the Eldorado Mine. Over the years they mined for uranium, gold, silver and copper.

There was a Mill, and the soon to be constructed, first modern Acid Leaching Plant in North America. The horizon of Echo Bay would change forever, we thought. But, it was the world that had changed forever instead.

Port Radium 1950

Contact Bay frozen Airstrip and Ice Road 1950

The ice thickness at Port Radium was checked daily to ensure it was safe to travel or land on. But while traveling on the Ice Road, one hand was on the door handle, and be ready to jump just in case.

Contact Bay Frozen Airstrip 1950

Port Radium NWT, 1951 – 1952

The little arrow just off center top denotes: Top of the Acid Plant as construction begins and the new plant becomes visible on the horizon at Echo Bay in the McTavish Arm of Great Bear Lake. The buildings at Port Radium were reportedly white with green trim. Among the houses and other buildings were bunk houses, machine shop, electric power plant and the mill. This was the only place on Great Bear Lake shoreline were people stayed year round.

Port Radium NWT

Eldorado Mine Acid Leaching Plant 1951

On the hillside to the left, you can see the skeleton of the new construction that has started on the Acid Leach Plant. In the front left at the bottom of the chute, is a tailing pile, sitting on the edge of Great Bear Lake.

Acid Leaching Plant 1950

The Bricklayers and a Steam Fitter at Port Radium 1951

There were bricklayers, steam fitters and many other people working on the Acid Leaching plant. A 33 year plumber and steam fitter David McElroy (bottom right in photo) was working there, and took these pictures in 1950 – 1952. Until 1956, his employer was shown as 919th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron, United States Air Force, address Saskatoon Mountain Air Station, Beaverlodge Alberta.

The 919th ACW was later taken over by the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1963. In April 1963 his employers name changed to Department of National Defence, Royal Canadian Air Force, Stn Saskatoon Mountain, Beaverlodge Alberta. Which explains much about a USAF Officer in another photograph with him later on, perhaps in 1963?

Bricklayers and Steam fitter 1950

Conveyor at Port Radium 1950

How the conveyor at the Eldorado Mine looked before the fire of 1951.

Conveyor at Eldorado Mine 1950

Small arrow in bottom right of this photo denotes: This is how the pipe boxes look when finished, this is running to the acid plant.

Acid Leaching Plant Construction – Port Radium 1951

According to the notes on these old black and white photographs, the acid plant is just being constructed. This photo notes: This is when we are piping, just fitting steam heat. These photos are circa 1950-1952.

Acid Plant Eldorado Mine 1950

Fuel Tanks and Fuel Barrels at Contact Bay 1951

With the mist rising in the background of Contact Bay, the foreground shows the storage of fuel tanks on the right. Notice the left bottom corner of this picture. These are 45 gallon fuel barrels, stacked 3 high. Full barrels stacked on the left and empty barrels spread out over the ground in the center of the picture.

Contact Bay NWT 1950

1951 Eldorado Mine Fire

Valiant attempts by the workers, could not save the buildings from the fire. The temperatures were so cold, all the water froze and made clean up difficult.


Port Radium NWT Uranium Mine Fire circa 1951


Eldorado Mine Fire circa 1951


Port Radium Fire Winter 1951


Temperatures could be in the 30, 40 or 50 below ranges. All fire fighting activities were frozen solid. Accounts show that the fire caused $4,000,000 damage on that day. These pictures of the fire at the Eldorado Mine in 1951, have never been seen before. There is no clue in these black and white photos as to how the fire started.

Port Radium Fire circa 1951

It was noted that from the lake up to the hillside and houses, there were sets of stairs with steps numbering 128 to the top. They seem to have been spared from the fire of 1951 at the Eldorado Mine.


Empty fuel barrels at Port Radium 1951

A view from ground level, shows the massive number of fuel barrels in the fuel farm. Some of the empty fuel barrels, tires and miscellaneous waste has gone over the bank into Great Bear Lake.

Notice that the only thing left of the Eldorado Mine conveyor after the 1951 fire, is the chute down to Great Bear Lake. That would be a tailings pile from the mine at the base of the chute. What else is in The Great Bear Lake?

Fuel at Port Radium 1951

Port Radium – Aerial Photo of Eldorado Mine Tailings 1951

This never seen before black and white aerial photograph was taken in 1951 near Port Radium. As far as you can see into the distance, there are mine tailings piles from the Eldorado Mine. There were thousands and thousands of truck loads of mine tailings. Where are they now? Are they still contaminating life in the north? In the world?

Eldorado Mine Tailings 1951

Only The Great Bear will know, and what of the Great Bear above me? What is she telling us? We have not listened to The Great Bear of the Rainforest. She also has much to tell us. One day we need to listen, one day very soon. We need to move forward in life but never forget what was left behind, nor the consequences from our previous actions.

There are a more pictures of the workers and equipment at the Acid Leaching Plant for the Eldorado Mine 1950-1952 at Port Radium NWT on my website page http://shuswaplakephotos.ca/eldorado-mine.html.

Shuswap White Winter

There’s outdoor Shuswap Lake lifestyle to the north, south, east and yes, the west. The lifestyle of British Columbia Canada, always an outdoor point of view from every outdoor direction. A mountain lake to my south, great mountains to the north across the clean water of Shuswap Lake. Communities grow all around the big lake, people come to the Shuswap Lake for the outdoor lifestyle and the Shuswap landscape.

Shuswap Lake – Magna Bay View

Shuswap Lake - Magna Bay View

The leaves are on the ground, and we’re now ready for winter in the Shuswap. There are other outdoor lifestyles to look at in the Shuswap as winter sets in. Lakes, rivers, forests, it is the forest, the start of the winter forest and the local inhabitants we’ll visit today. Summer is over, winter is almost here.

Snowberry, wild rabbit in the Shuswap

Snowberry in August

Snowberry 6 months later

Snowberry are you there? Snowberry are you ready for the Shuswap winter? Snowberry we have company in the Shuswap!
Snowberry, wild rabbit in the Shuswap

To the south, the closest mountain boasts new snow to the bottom of the clear cuts. It could be at the front door any time now, any hour, perhaps even today! Are you ready for the impending winter whiteness in the Shuswap?

Common Snowberry or Symphoricarpos albus

Snowberry in the Common Snowberry patch seems to be adapted for the impending snow. A new season quickly approaching, will I too adapt?
Common Snowberry or Symphoricarpos albus

My winter countdown began with the return of the Trumpeter Swans to a small mountain lake on the Shuswap Highland Peninsula. Cynosure Cygnus, to the western horizon, what a devoted friend to have. Cynosure, Cygnus buccinators, from the brink of extinction, to my watery front yard. You are hope, peace and inspiration, gifts of pennatus beauty. You are safe here, you are a marker on my Shuswap winter calendar.

Cygnus buccinators

Trumpeter Swans in the Shuswap

The gentle honks to each other, keeps the flock close knit, as they circle the small unassuming lake. Plunging head first underwater, with the back end bobbing like a cork, the swans fed on the plentiful aquatic plants along the shoreline of the ice free lake. Beautiful as they are, the Swans will soon move down to a lower elevation on the Shuswap Lake.

Buckbean Bay

The surrounding marsh already has a thin layer of ice. But it is still welcoming to the Mallards feeding, in front of the beaver dam in Buckbean Bay. Menyanthes trifoliate Bay, should you prefer.
Menyanthes trifoliate or Buckbean Bay

The Red-osier Dogwood and High-bush Cranberry that grow on top of the beaver dam are foliage free. Buckbean Bay is exposed; a watchful eye must be kept for all, especially when the marsh is completely frozen. The canine company in the neighborhood, will have the advantage. Competition of the feline type has arrived in the marsh.

Winter Advantage

Coyote in the Shuswap

Bonasa umbellus – Ruffed Grouse

There is a winter bird of the Shuswap forest, beautiful in design and perfection in camouflage with music to our ears. An inspiring drummer, he is, so low in pitch, his drumming can be heard from half mile away. The strangest sound, if you have ever heard.

Ruffed Grouse

Bonasa umbellus, Ruffed Grouse, quite happy to roost at the front door, or enjoy a fallen apple in the old orchard. A character of the forest, a friend indeed, quick to take flight when surprised, and surprising with his quick flight. Not taking from, but adding to the beauty of the Shuswap forest by sight, sound and presence. A truly beautiful bird, and certainly not shy about checking out the bird feeder if no one is around. A transition for me, from the forest of nested grouse to world wide world of nested unordered lists.

Forest of nested Grouse

Mountain Clear Cuts

With a skiff of snow, new animal tracks emerge from the earth. Snowberry, please pay attention. I certainly intent to stop my Ruffed Grouse imitations immediately. I have my camera handy, and my eyes are sharp and ready. There is a grouse and rabbit close by.

Animal Tracks in the Shuswap Snow

Animal Tracks

Another year coming upon us, a new year to move forward. Another calendar in life to fill with important notes and important company arriving. February 2 Red-winged Black birds should be arriving at the bird feeder, a contrast against the white Shuswap snow.

=Red-winged Blackbird will arrive in February

Red-winged Blackbird

Until the Red-winged Blackbirds arrive, the bird feeder may be occupied by this pair of silent late afternoon visitors. A little orphan White-tailed fawn and a young buck that have spent the summer together, and now the winter. What story do they have? Stay close where you are safe.

Orphan White-tailed Fawn

Orphan White-tailed Fawn
Six months later they still stay very close to each other. Here is a link to my White-tailed Deer blog if you would like to see some of the family.

Young White-tailed Deer in winter

Pine Grosbeak

A flock of Pine Grosbeaks have arrived early, something else on my calendar to make a note of. The colors of spring have arrived in the Shuswap winter.
Pine Grosbeak - Pinicola enucleator

I do have other friends that live in the forest, not of the feathered type nor furred, but of a more carefree spirit. A carefree spirit we will not see again until next spring. You didn’t think this would be all about pretty flowers did you? How about a more rugged style, low to the ground and sleek in the frame. Underground now until the first warm spring sunshine.


Thamnophis sirtailis

You’re welcome to come and visit the whole family next spring in the Shuswap. I am sure they will give us a lot to think about while walking around the forest barefoot.
Thamnophis sirtalis in the Shuswap

In a matter of hours, life can change so fast. Winter is here, whiteness until the mid April.

Winter in the Shuswap

Winter in the Shuswap

Winter Lights in the Shuswap

If you are in the forest this winter, have a look around for a tiny cabin shining through the trees. Stop in and say “Hello”, always nice to have company in the Shuswap in the winter time. It has been a busy year, and if you have been wondering about the blog stats lately, our visitors are up to 18,313 which is simply amazing and all because of you! Seasons Greetings to You and hope to see you in the Shuswap forest this winter or maybe on Shuswap Lake next summer!
Winter Lights in the Shuswap
xoxo Until next time!

Shuswap Autumn

Oh Hello Surprise Visitor! I don’t have my glasses, but it looks like you’ve got your warm fuzzy winter hat and fur boots on. Good thing, we’ve already had snow here on the Shuswap Highlands Peninsula.

Beary Surprising Visitor

Shuswap Black Bear

Very kind of you to stop in and have a look. Welcome to my boreal forest  yard, in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. Outdoor Canadian life at its finest and some good-looking animals too! You do look  familiar, wouldn’t happen to like heritage apples or climb trees would you?  Nice to see you.

Apple in a Bear Tree

Rotten Apple

Autumn in the Shuswap is ending fast, the old orchard sits silent until spring. The autumn apples are all gone now, but thoroughly enjoyed by our local apple eater and tree climber. We’ve met unexpectedly on several occasions. He runs one way, I run the other. Took us a while to figure that out, as we both ran the same direction in the beginning of our beary surprising encounters!

Good Camo

Good Camo

The last of the autumn colors have spilled over the landscape, and leaves fall to the ground.  The orchard has been here over a hundred years now.  The old apple and cherry trees, have many broken branches and twisted trunks. Yet every spring the trees produce an abundance of leaves, beautiful blossoms and an abundance of fresh fruit. It is, as the trees, expect the animals and birds. They are part of the tree’s life cycle. How many generations of animals have fed here?

Autumn Ends

Home in the Shuswap

As the animals prepare for the Shuswap winter, habits change and colors too. Camouflage, camera obscura, blurry to some, a photo opportunity to me, not to be missed but shared. I may never see him again until next year’s apple season, so any picture, I shall hold dear, as in your visits, which I so appreciate. Soon the snow will cover everything. Day after day, month after month, everything will be white, cold and more cold. The bonfire will be going and the snow shoes will be out!

Until next time, Good Bye from  Shuswap Lake Photos Blog!

Shuswap Summer

Welcome to the Shuswap,
Looks like another wonderful summer day in the Shuswap. I thought I was feeling pretty good this morning and not looking too bad today, but it seems I could be mistaken. Just another old bird in the Shuswap!
Turkey Vulture

Today in the Shuswap, wild flowers are still lovely and blooming. We will look at them as orange only, of the red and yellow origin. Beautiful to the artists palette, pleasing to the eye, mid gradation of ochre orange.
Orange in the Shuswap
As summer time moves on, the berries of the Shuswap ripen and provide a feast for all who search them out. Saskatoon and Black Twinberry being a favorite in the Shuswap bird world. This Cedar Waxwing knows all the best berry bushes, and takes the whole family around the yard.

Cedar Waxwing

The sunshine has arrived in the Shuswap and the boats are out on the lake. All kinds of boats, pretty, flashy and speedy. Some boats are orange and others are not. Orange is a special color today. A very special color, as we leave the water and look to the sky!

Orange Boat in the Shuswap

I have seen other things in the Shuswap sky that look sort of orange, but they are familiar and friendly looking to me, and quite explainable. Welcome visitors from the neighborhood, flying overhead, no idea who they are, but I can surely see what they are. Another charming photo for my Aircraft collection. Hello up there, it’s me down here waving. Mr Pilot, have you seen any orange flying objects, while flying over my place? Will you please let me know if you do.
Orange Helicopter in the Shuswap
Something else has arrived in the Shuswap, not in the water but in the air. Not too fast, not too slow, and has an orange glow. An orange glow, which I have never seen before, have you? If you know what this is perhaps you can explain. Here is the link to my Shuswap Lake Photos website page for more photographs of this unidentified flying object, which I zoomed in on for a closer look. http://www.shuswaplakephotos.ca/shuswap-ufo.html I will watch the sky again for this object. I can not call it an airplane, or helicopter, nor can I name it anything other than a UFO in the Shuswap.

UFO in the Shuswap
I didn’t wave this time or say “It’s me!” Do chickens come in orange? I was just outside to get a picture of that wild rabbit. Whom, by the way, was an attractive orange and white color earlier this spring. What a handsome fellow!
Orange Rabbit

Butterflies come in orange, beautiful and showy, but not of the out of this universe kind of butterfly. Definitely has wings that are clear to see, and a purpose most defined. A small unassuming creature, counting on us to preserve its habitat, its home. Are there others watching to make sure we fulfill this mission? Will they let us know if we don’t? Will they let us know what they want? We know they will be back, they have been here before, maybe I should wave back just to be friendly? Are they Orange?

Dark-border Fritillary
I shall look to the sky to the depth of the universe beyond my comprehension, for answers that I may never find. This day and age we need to know what is happening out there. And one day when we have electricity here, maybe I will have better understanding of what is beyond my forest seclusion.
The blog stats are amazing because of you. I do understand and appreciate your comments, and your time spent reading my blogs, such as they are, simple and of the family friendly type. Enjoy the day out boating in the Shuswap.
Shuswap Jet Boat
Are you in a city or desert so vast, where the sail is so tall, than any tree that I have ever seen? Should you be in a country of emerald, a homeland from the past, and the relatives I search? I always seem to be searching, my questions not so profound, but answers more illusive. Time runs fast, I will not be able to keep up, but I will not give up. Maybe now I’ll be beamed up!
Shuswap Lake Boats

Today, the orange of the Shuswap Lake sunset is my only concern, and that there will be another tomorrow. The color wheel spins through the visible spectrum, a secondary color, orange it is, aurantiacum. Another boater in the Shuswap, enjoy your holidays and be safe on the lake, it’s ok if your boat is not orange. Don’t forget to look up into the Shuswap sky, if you see anything orange, please let me know!